Friday, March 29, 2013


Life is in disarray the moment you are born
It’s hard to know which way is right
It’s right to be a little wrong….

And then when you are lost, and the darkness is setting in,
Your hopes are raised by a passing light
You can’t see through thick and thin…

And suddenly there is sunrise, an embrace of comfort,
And a rise of blood on your face, a rise of feeling that you won’t get hurt…

The fears are vanishing,
The circle of darkness I overcome,
All the grief and miseries seem
To have become,

Life is in a steady state, with the person you have become
These feelings that you have realized,
For someone who has become…

Important, and now I, feel this is love and only
Death can, part us, me thinks, I read the signs correctly

And now at the sunset, at this beautiful moment,
With flowers by my side, and dew drops
 On the windshield and tears in my eyes,
And just like that, I am afraid that we are done!

And with the Sun now down, and the darkness of the night
The moon refuses to reflect the answers
Of the questions I ask, the places I pass
Show me memories, of the past and now I’m done…

That how one day you are somebody close,
The other you are non-existent.
It is rightly said that apart from your bed
No other can give you true allegiance…
The past may be of some importance
It’s the present teaches you to overcome
All the hardships and sombre sadness
And the feeling when you have become


1 comment:

  1. This is so moving. My heart cried a little at that line- dew drop on the windshield, tear in my eye.

    We fall madly in love with someone and thst someone just decides to leave. So painful. Worst punishment to endure. But we gotta endure it and get smarter. Not be mad in love but wise in love. Make yourself your best friend and love yourself more. Now and forever..