Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Midnight Sunrise

I have been silent for too long,
And now these thoughts are coming to surface
I have been looking for a positive sunrise,
In the middle of these unkept days.

The night is dark and calm,
A little strange when my mind is at unrest.
I feel I hear muffles voices,
I feel I hear them calling out our name...

Here I find the courage,
To break the blinds over my mind,
And scratch the surface...
I wish I find me on the edge,
Of a midnight sunrise,
And we leap and fly ahead...

Arsh ... (to be continued...)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Through the ashes...


Far away, a stranger calling,
A voice lost in my head.
And I can feel myself falling,
On the soil beneath the dead.

Life has taken many turns,
Between the sunrise and sunset.
I may have hidden the broken pieces,
And now they are breaking through my chest..

Help the ones who keep
These emotions at rest...

Help me up on my feet,
I never have lost control.
So many have lost their step and  are falling,
Help me open this god damned door.
Let the hint of failure ring in my ears,
So I lift up my sword and
Bathe me in the fires of hate and more,
To rise from the ashes...

Arsh .... (to be continued...)

Friday, March 29, 2013


Life is in disarray the moment you are born
It’s hard to know which way is right
It’s right to be a little wrong….

And then when you are lost, and the darkness is setting in,
Your hopes are raised by a passing light
You can’t see through thick and thin…

And suddenly there is sunrise, an embrace of comfort,
And a rise of blood on your face, a rise of feeling that you won’t get hurt…

The fears are vanishing,
The circle of darkness I overcome,
All the grief and miseries seem
To have become,

Life is in a steady state, with the person you have become
These feelings that you have realized,
For someone who has become…

Important, and now I, feel this is love and only
Death can, part us, me thinks, I read the signs correctly

And now at the sunset, at this beautiful moment,
With flowers by my side, and dew drops
 On the windshield and tears in my eyes,
And just like that, I am afraid that we are done!

And with the Sun now down, and the darkness of the night
The moon refuses to reflect the answers
Of the questions I ask, the places I pass
Show me memories, of the past and now I’m done…

That how one day you are somebody close,
The other you are non-existent.
It is rightly said that apart from your bed
No other can give you true allegiance…
The past may be of some importance
It’s the present teaches you to overcome
All the hardships and sombre sadness
And the feeling when you have become


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Not far from now...

(...for the memories deep down in the abyss, sunk, and the relics on the surface)

I will survive, and i smile
at the first rays of dawn
The darkness has passed away
this fear is the last.

I felt the sorrow, the pain,
like a crack into my heart
a damsel i left behind
in the webs of my mind

I will be able to smile,
I will be ready for a new stride ahead..
I will be in a tomorrow
Far away from sorrow,
Not too far away...

I built a future
So perfect in my head
And i saw it go down
In the abysmal depths.

So sad, so sad,
The angel of the dawn
Or the devil reminds me
Of so many broken promises...

i will be able to smile,
i will be ready for a new stride ahead..
i will be in a tomorrow
Far away from sorrow,
Not too far away...


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Things Unsaid...

The things unsaid

From every breath that i am taking
Till the many seconds in the day
I wish that i can stop believing
I wish to find a new way.
Into Many pieces of broken glass
I still cannot see myself
Have i died or have i lost the life in me
Tell me...

Like the green fields will go on,
And turn into a new shade
Like reckless leaves will trust the wind
And be driven their way
To wards a silence or towards the busiest place
I dont know what my heart wants
So many things unsaid...

Let me breathe the freshness somewhere,
Like the solace in her hair
Like the darkness was taken over
By the burning Sun and then
Let the birds fly towards their freedom
And the words through my pen
Let me take over my heart and
Tell you, all the things unsaid....


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Wait...

The night, falls on my face,
Tells me how to
Rise and Fall with grace

I have shared ,
My heart with fate
And hence I feel, I
Have made a big mistake

No you don’t know if its enough,
No you don’t know if its fair
I am trying to swim ashore
But I am drowning in despair

And if I hear you turn around
Even without a sound
I hope you find the right way
But you  don’t know how I feel,
When with so much love around
I was betrayed, now its killing me,
This wait….

Shadows, they help me when I’m lost
But at a terrible cost
In the darkness to be lost.

Its fate, what I find hidden deep inside
The revelations of the pride,
They fail to realize,
They have no where to hide….

No you don’t know if its enough,
No you don’t know if its right
I am trying to swim ashore,
I am putting up a fight..
And there is nothing that I can see
Beyond a faraway sea,
I should close my eyes now…
Close them for now…

And if I hear u turn around
Even without a sound
I hope you find the right way
And you don’t know how I feel,
When with so much love around
I was betrayed, now its killing me,
This wait….

Arsh ..(The wait)

Saturday, July 28, 2012 endure...

(On hearing a voice from the past, like a long lost symphony, playing in my head)

To relinquish anger,
To force it down your throat,
As it burns its way through.
To endure pain,
The unseen, from the inside,
When ur mind fails,
And your heart burns in vain.
To bite down on the sorrow,
The ghost of it, the signs you still bear,
Unhealed, unhealing.
To this pain, i am unyielding.
To burn down and rise from the ashes
In our true skin, unhurt,
Yet wounded....
Fresh, new…
To endure life again,
To endure...

Arsh (On Misery and more…)