Saturday, July 28, 2012 endure...

(On hearing a voice from the past, like a long lost symphony, playing in my head)

To relinquish anger,
To force it down your throat,
As it burns its way through.
To endure pain,
The unseen, from the inside,
When ur mind fails,
And your heart burns in vain.
To bite down on the sorrow,
The ghost of it, the signs you still bear,
Unhealed, unhealing.
To this pain, i am unyielding.
To burn down and rise from the ashes
In our true skin, unhurt,
Yet wounded....
Fresh, new…
To endure life again,
To endure...

Arsh (On Misery and more…)


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  2. ur post after such a long 1...keep writing :)